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Finally got to play it ^_^ 

I'm sorry to hear about your grandfather bud, but I have to be honest in my gameplays 


Don't worry man. But I have mentioned in the description of the game that you must check the controls. Also you played the outdated version. Now there is a new version out with updated puzzles and narrator voices.
You can check that out if you want. Besides that I want to mention that this is my first 3D project so I am aware that I need to do a lot of work in order to become the best,
 Cheers for the advice and have a good day. 


is your grandfather ok now?

He is alright, the accident happened a while ago. Thanks for your support!

you're welcome


pretty good :)

Thank you Sir!


Sorry for any inconviences guys, the game is still in development! I made you guys a tutorial on how you are meant to complete the game!

Btw the last door is meant to open with the key you find in the bathroom but because webgl is bugged sometimes it does not work. Try downloading the game and that will work 100%.


Ahhh...I could not get through the second door, I tried. Made you a video: 

It is still a deloping project. I will keep working on it and till next week on friday everything will be fixed! Thank you for playing my game!! <3

<3 ^_^

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bloody brilliant! awesome job with it!

Thank you sir!

Also make sure you play the game with headphones on as the game is mainly based on sounds. 

Please do read the story and the controls of the game before starting the game!!
Thank you!!